Metamorphic mind — Path to Serendipity

A Creator’s mind goes through a lot of changes during creation before it becomes an art piece or artwork. These changes are the seeds of one’s imagination that goes through lot of transformations finally to become a plant. Although, sometimes these changes take a different path and leads to a different perspective which is quite amazing. Let me give you an example of art that correlates with the above notion.

Look for something, find something else and realize that what you have found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for” —

When I was a kid I always use to see something and imagine something else and draw something else more. Within the time span of my vision reaching my brain there’s a lot that kind of mutated during the process. Like for example when you see a bird, you think of putting it on the paper. While your vision is trying to process that thing, during which your imagination takes over your mind and tries to add something more to the visual picture like adding a flock of birds. And by the time you put it on the paper you are ready with the whole picture of birds flying over the lake. There is a lot that metamorphose during the process of creation which can nurture the life in a very thoughtful and innovative way. A change plays a major role in revamping your character with a more matured lifestyle.

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur” —

Be it you or somebody else, It’s always good to have the transition in your life as you never know how it might amaze you. Think it as a secret opening to a new life through serendipity.